Watch Lecture: Government Information Security
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Government Information Security

د. حيدر قليبو

Haider Wahib Qleibo

Haider Wahib Qleibo received his PhD and two Mastersin Computer Engineering and Information Assurance from Iowa State University. His research focused on message integrity in wireless sensor networks and enhancing wireless networks security respectively. DrQleibo has an extensive experience in e-government, academic and private sector network security.His main interests include but not limited to mobile networks security, wireless and sensor networks, e-governance and interoperability, network integrity and cloud computing security. Over the past 15 years DrQleibo has developed deep understanding of the practical and theatrical knowledge in network and information security architecture, network penetration testing, application security, risk assessment and vulnerability management, disaster recovery and business continuity planning and information technology auditing just to mention a few .
The practical knowledge and appreciation of the IT security field has been gained through early involvement in information technology. DrQleibo held several positions in information technology sector as a web master and systems administrator in several companies and organizations. He also worked as a senior project manager with Microsoft, managing several of Microsoft’s projects. Currently, DrQleibo works with the State of Iowa as their Information Security Officer focusing on the security, confidentiality, integrity and availability of the States’ networks and information.
E-Government Security: Challenges and Obstacles
E-government is one of the most important achievements of the Internet. The reliance on technology increases, effective management of information security has become one of the crucial success factors for both public and private and public sectors alike. As the number of e-government services introduced to the citizen increases, a higher level of security is required on the part of all transaction parties. This talk will discuss challenges and obstacles facing securing e-government networks and how to deal with threats to secure government systems.